Low Level Laser Therapy and Hair Loss Treatment

16 Jan

Balding has always been a concern of a kind for the many who suffer from it. In their search for treatments many have me with a number of products which promised them to be the real cure for this condition but all end up to be no better than what a mere promotional hype cab get to be. They fall way short of their expectation and the search for the best treatment for the problem continues in earnest among the ones who suffer from this condition. These are the kinds of salves, creams, pills and even some physical devices all which have quite served to hike the frustration that most of those who suffer from this condition actually go through more so as they look for the cure to their hair loss problem.

Billed at the time of the invention as the "next" miracle hair loss treatment, LLLT, or Low Level Laser Treatment was actually a discovery by scientists and researchers who were looking for the possible treatment for cancer-it was somehow an invention or discovery of chance or incident. This is a discovery that came to birth in the year 1967 by researchers in Hungary, click here!

You may be asking yourself if and how laser treatment work on humans for the treatment of hair loss. The reality is that laser treatments and therapies, when administered at the recommended wavelengths is  known to penetrate the patient's skin and as such stimulate several healing and self restoring effects. For those patients suffering from balding, low level laser treatment at such desired wavelengths will indeed get through the scalp and as one of its effects is to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles, or roots, and bring back to life the hair follicle activity. This process is theoretically speaking one of the processes which will reverse hair loss and stimulate hair growth in those patients who are suffering from hair loss. Visit this website at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laser_medicine for more info about laser therapy.

The laser treatment can be administered to a patient at a physician's clinic using a kind of apparatus known as the laser "comb" or laser "cap". In as much there may be quite a diverse opinion on the efficacy of the laser therapies for the treatment of hair loss, the evidence we have in the objective results of the therapy quite prove that it is indeed an effective means for the treatment of thinning hair. Know more info here!

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